Digital Power Meter 66200

Thursday, September 16th, 2021 - Electrical Tools

Digital power meter 66200 is designed for single-phase measurements of AC power signals and related parameters common to most electronic products. Instead of traditional analog measurement circuits, the 66200 uses state-of-the-art DSP digitizing technology. The internal 16 bits analog/digital converters with sampling rates of up to 240kHz provide both high speed and high accuracy measurements which is unprecedented within the industry for this class of power meters current on the market.

Digital Power Meter 66200

Digital Power Meter 66200

The instruments include a four part display with 7-segment LED front panel readouts. Users can easily select desired parameters and readouts at a touch of a button. Instruments also include optional remote control using USB or GPIB interfaces via rear panel connections. The 66200 is packaged in a 2U high, half rack enclosure suitable for benchtop or system integration.

The Digital Power Meter 66200 includes simple measurement functions designed for low power applications (maximum current 2A). Examples of these devices are AC adapters, battery chargers, LCD monitors, and similar devices. Included measurement data is as following :

  1. Voltage : Vrms, Vpeak+, Vpeak-
  2. Current : Irms, Ipeak+, Ipeak-
  3. Power : Watts, Power Factor, Apparent Power VA, Reactive Power VAR
  4. Current Crest Factor & Frequency

The Digital Power Meter 66200 includes a 2-shunt design to provide highly accurate readings for both low and high current measurements. In addition to the parameters measured by Model 66201, the 66202 includes Inrush current, Total Harmonic Distortion of V/I, and Energy measurements. With these practical functions, the Model 66202 is suitable for the most demanding of R&D and quality control departments.

Digital Power Meter 66200 Features

Digital Power Meter 66200 Features

  • Voltage Range : 150/300/500 Vrms
  • Current Range :
    Model 66201 – 0.01/0.1/0.4/2 Arms
    Model 66202 – 0.01/0.1/0.4/2 Arms
    0.2/2/8/20 Arms
  • Frequency Range : DC, 15Hz~10kHz
  • Embedded high speed DSP, 16 bits Analog/Digital converters
  • 10 mA minimum current range & 0.1mW power resolution
  • Meets ENERGY STAR / IEC 62301 / EN 50564 / ErP measurement requirements
  • Accumulated energy methods for unstable power measurement
  • User-define criteria provides automatic PASS/FAIL indications
  • Half rack width and 2U height, suitable for system integration
  • Dual current shunt design provides high accuracy over a wide current range
    (Model 66202)
  • THD and user-specify order distortion measurement (Model 66202)
  • Inrush current and energy measurement (Model 66202)
  • Interface options : USB or USB+GPIB
  • Voltage/ Current harmonics measurement up to 50 orders

Digital Power Meter 66200 Aplication

Average Mode and Integration Mode for Power Measurement

When using a traditional power meter, unstable measurement data can occur if the UUT power consumption levels are unstable or operating in non-linear modes (i.e. power supply hiccup modes). This is due to load current conditions which maybe different for different measurement aperture windows (T1, T2, T3 and T4 below). A simple averaging calculation can only provide a visual stable value but still lose some transient data.

Average Mode for Power MeasurementUnstable Current of UUT

A Window Mode method that calculates all data within the user-defined window time (Tw) is recommended. So, users can get a real average value without any data lose. An accumulated energy approach method (i.e. integration mode) for power measurements is also provided. This integration mode calculates active power values by integrating energy from V and I in a user-defined time period (Ti). In this way, users can achieve accurate readings with guaranteed transient-free variations. The 66200 meters provide a 10 mA minimum current range with crest factor 4, and 0.1 mW measurement resolution for low power application (<10W), and less than 2% uncertainty even for No-Load mode power measurements. These functions make 66200 an ideal choice for ENERGY STAR / IEC 62301 / ErP measurement requirements.

THD Measurement and User Define Orders Distortion

The Model 66202 Digital Power Meter can measure voltage and current Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) directly which can be displayed in percentage format. For some requirements (ENERGY STAR), users need to verify the THD of AC supply voltage when supplying the UUT in the specified mode not to exceed 2%, up to and including the 13th harmonic (as specified in IEC 62301). The Model 66202 also provides a function to define a user-specify distortion order n, (n is from 2 to 50) for measuring harmonic distortion. The calculation formula is listed below. Thus, the instrument can easily measure distortion values as required by the ENERGY STAR requirements.

rms value of the voltage signalWhere Vn = rms value of nth harmonic of the voltage signal

Inrush Current Measurement

The Model 66202 Digital Power Meter provides inrush current ( Is ) measurement function. Users can set a current level for triggering the starting point of measurement. Users also can use an external TTL signal to trigger inrush current measurement through a port of the Control-Signals on real panel. The delay parameter can help users to ignore the peak value B after the trigger point A. The parameter, T, can let users set a time period for measuring the peak value during Time T. The application is to avoid getting the inrush current value that is caused by X capacitor of a power supply.

Inrush Current Measurement

Low Pass Filter

The maximum measurement bandwidth of the 66200 Digital Power Meter is 50kHz. However, the high frequency component is not desirable to be included in all measurement application. For example, the input switching noise current of power supply may not influence the power measurement, but increase the real reading of current. In order to get a proper value, a low pass filter is necessary to reject the switching component. Users can set the parameter filter ON in the system configuration setting. The bandwidth will be reduced to about 5kHz to reject high frequency content but still meets the 3kHz requirement of ENERGY STAR test in digital power meter 66200 series.

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