Heat Detector With Voice

Sunday, September 19th, 2021 - Sensor/Detection Circuit

Heat detector with voice is an easy electronic circuit that offers to find the heat of an object in which a warmth sensing unit heat detector circuit is put. Heat detector circuit of this post is frequently utilized in warming the fluid in a manufacturing facility or as an alarm too much heat (over home heating) on a device that can produce heat in an industry. Heat detector circuit is rather basic and also easy to manufacture since it makes use of fewer components and elements used easily available in the market. Making or construct the heat detector circuit can be seen in the following figure.

The Circuit of Heat Detector With Voice

Heat Detector With Voice

Functioning Principle of Heat Detector With Voice

The circuit of above shows that heat detectors with sound using a temperature sensing unit or a warmth sensing unit through transistor BC 109 and making use of the IC UM3561 as an alarm audio generator. Thermal sensor circuit in the photo above is run using a DC voltage resource +3 to +6 volts. As used sound generator IC UM3561 and proven by darlinton transistors T3 and also T4 BEL 548 BC 187 to drive a loud speaker 8 Ohm.

Heat detectors with voice aware above utilizing a warmth sensing unit in the form of transistor BC 109 to the base that is not attached. If the temperature level or temperature warmth a challenge be determined by this circuit crosses the resistance level that is determined by the features of the transistor, the transistor T2 Air Conditioner 188 will be energetic and the relay RL 1 obtains the current circulation from the transistor to switch on the relay contact or ON and offer DC voltage to to trigger the alarm tone generator IC UM3561. IC UM3561 which received the energetic command of the relays will reproduce the noise of alarms that determines the excess heat (over home heating) of the determined object by heat detector with voice.

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