Infra-Red (IR) Parking Sensor Circuit

Saturday, June 12th, 2021 - Sensor/Detection Circuit

The Infra-Red (IR) parking sensor circuit functioning to provide parking distance indicators front or rear of the car to the car park wall. The Infra-Red (IR) parking sensor circuit should be placed at the very end of the front side of the car and the rear side of the car. This parking sensor works using infrared light emitted by the wall, then reflected back to the parking sensor circuit. This parking sensor circuit has a sensitivity range from 6 cm to 20 cm. Distance wall and the car are presented using LED indicator 3 pieces that will light when the distance between the car and the wall ranging from 20 cm. Basically parking infrared sensor circuit consists of two parts, namely, part infrared transmitter and infrared receiver section. To assemble or create Infra-Red (IR) parking sensor circuit can be seen in the following figure.

Infra-Red (IR) Parking Sensor Circuit

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Components list Of Infra-Red (IR) Parking Sensor Circuit

  • R1 = 10K
  • R2,R5,R6,R9 = 1K
  • R3 = 33R
  • R4,R11 = 1M
  • R7 = 4K7
  • R8 = 1K5
  • R10,R12-R14 = 1K
  • C1,C4 = 1µF  63V
  • C2 = 47pF
  • C3,C5 = 100µF  25V
  • D1 = Infra-red LED
  • D2 = Infra-red Photo Diode
  • D3,D4 = 1N4148
  • D5-7 = LED
  • IC1 = 555
  • IC2 = LM324
  • IC3 = 7812

An Infrared transmitter section on Infra-Red (IR) parking sensor circuit above is built using infrared diode that is controlled from the timer IC 555. Then the receiver built with the photo diode as the receiver and an operational amplifier for processing the input voltage.

An Indication of the distance between the wall and the car by an Infra-Red (IR) parking sensor circuit above indicated by LED flame, where the LED D7 will be lit at a distance of 20 cm, then the LED D7 and D6 will light at a distance of 10 cm and LED D7, D6, D5 will light at a distance 6 cm. Besides can be mounted on cars Infra-Red (IR) parking sensor circuit can also be mounted on the garage wall with the sensor directed to the car.

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