MOSFET Tester Circuit

Thursday, February 11th, 2021 - Tester Circuit

The circuit of MOSFET tester is very simple and easy to make. Basically a circuit of MOSFET tester is made using astable multivibrator of the two transistors are equipped with LED indicators that serves as an indicator that the test conditions of the MOSFET. The principle of the test is to configure MOSFET MOSFET as a switch and identify the MOSFET by providing HIG and LOW signal of the astable multivibrator, when the MOSFET is in good condition, the MOSFET switch configuration can be run. If the MOSFET is damaged, then the configuration of the MOSFET as the switch is not running and the multivibrator can not oscillate. For more details can be seen schematics MOSFET tester in the following figure.

The circuit scheme MOSFET Tester

MOSFET Tester Circuit

A circuit of images MOSFET tester above, it can be seen that the circuit MOSFET tester is constructed of two parts, namely the multivibrator and this part of the indicator. MOSFETs is tested using this circuit serves as a constituent multivibrator circuit. MOSFET that can be tested with a circuit of MOSFET tester is the N channel MOSFET only.

Applications The circuit MOSFET Tester

At the time of testing an N channel MOSFET with this circuit, when the MOSFET is in good condition, the multivibrator will oscillate and the base of the transistor C9014 LED indicator will get biased logic HIGH and LOW alternately so that the LED will be lit up with flashes. If the MOSFET in a state short, the base of the transistor C9014 always get LOW biased so that the LED goes out. Then to MOSFET in a state of open or cut off the base of the transistor C9014 will always have a bias HIGH so that the LEDs on the circuit MOSFET tester will be constantly illuminated.

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