Simple Power Supply Circuit

Thursday, July 22nd, 2021 - Power Supply Circuit

Simple power supply can be made with fairly simple as the picture sequence below. The circuit of simple power supply is made only with 3 main components, namely lowering voltage transformer (step-down), a diode bridge and electrolytic capacitors. Schematic drawings and parts lists to create a circuit of simple power supply can be seen in the following figure.

The Circuit of Simple Power Supply

Simple Power Supply Circuit

The circuit of simple power supply in the image above is one example of the power supply voltage is fixed with a very simple circuit. The output voltage power supply circuit will follow the magnitude of the output voltage transformer terminals without CT used. If the terminal used is 12 volts, the output circuit ‘simple power supply’ will revolve around the 12 volts as well.

Simple Power Supply in The Market

The circuit of simple power supply as shown above is a power supply circuit which is often sold in the market for low-end purposes. In the power supply to the circuit as shown above, the power supply is made variable. In general, the output voltage of the variable power supply can be changed to 3V, 4,5V, 7,5V, 9V and 12V in accordance with the needs of the output voltage value is often used in the community. The circuit of simple power supply becomes variable because the value of the output voltage obtained from the output terminal selection step-down transformers is set using the selector switch.

The circuit of simple power supply in the image above can be used to operate the portable radio, tape and others.

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