Simply Flyback Tester Circuit

Thursday, February 4th, 2021 - Tester Circuit

TV flyback tester circuit can be used to test the flyback when fixing the television. By using this flyback tester circuit we can determine the condition of the flyback when fixing the television. Flyback tester was created using flyback transformer driver is given an input signal from the IC NE555 astable multifibrator. Flyback tester circuit in the picture below is designed to operate flyback with 12 volt DC source voltage and frequency can be set from 8 KHz to 20000 KHz. Flyback tester circuit is effective once to determine the condition of flyback. To make a flyback tester circuit can be seen schematics and components used in the following figure.

Flyback Tester Circuit

Simply Flyback Tester Circuit

Working Principle Flyback Tester Circuit

In addition to the working frequency flyback driver is adjustable duty cycle pulse flyback driver on the circuit tester can also be set from 0-100%. Objectives set duty cycle pulses because flyback flyback driver will work best at the driver pulse duty cycle in the range of 90%.

To use this flyback tester circuit can be done under conditions that are not connected flyback of the television series (flyback must be removed). Then connect the primary path flyback transformer on the circuit tester and closer to the anode flyback secondary ground terminal provided. If either condition flyback tester circuit then when it is turned on, the anode of the flyback will appear electric spark from the anode to the ground terminal.

It should be noted, that in testing flyback should not be too long (maximum 1 minute) has been known flyback conditions of the emergence of the electric spark. This is due to keep the power transistor tester to avoid hot and damaged. Flyback power transistor driver on the flyback tester circuit is to be mounted on a heat sink because it will generate heat.

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