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TinyLogic gives design engineers the ability to implement design changes without having to redesign complex siliconsubcomponents or printed circuit board layouts. TinyLogic is primarily intended for use in space-constrained systems such as portable CD players, disk drives, cellular phones, pagers, radios, PCMCIA cards and portable computers. It can facilitate efficient system design in any application. Available in single, dual, triple and configurable gate logic functions, our TinyLogic devices can be placed into your design, precisely where needed, to simplify signal routing while minimizing propogation delaysand noise generation of TinyLogic family.

TinyLogic Family Comparison Table

TinyLogic Family Comparison TableTinyLogic Family Comparison

  • The AUP logic family is an Advanced Ultra Low-Power logic family that provides high performance and low power for batterypowered portable applications. The product is
  • designed for a wide low-voltage operating range (0.8V to 3.6V) and guarantees very low static and dynamic power consumption across the entire voltage range. AUP offers the lowest dynamic power consumption for logic devices.
  • The HS series includes eight gate logic functions and is fabricated on Fairchild’s Advanced Silicon Gate CMOS process for high speed (typical propagation delay of 3.0ns) and low-power operation. HS applies three stages of gain between inputs and outputs to assure noise immunity.
  • The HST series consists of six TTL-compatible gate logic functions with 74 HCT-comprable specs. All are intended for high-speed 5V applications (typical propagation delay of 7.0ns) HST’s TTL-compatible inputs allow designers to take advantage of TinyLogic’s space savings, while interfacing existing TTL designs to CMOS.
  • The UHS logic family is an Ultra High-Speed logic family (typical propagation delay of 2.2ns). Tiny UHS consists of 26 gate logic and switch functions with 74LCX-like performance and over-voltage tolerance. Tiny UHS, specified at 1.8V to 5.5V, delivers all the features of high-speed CMOS with the flexibility of a truly space saving package.
  • The ULP (Ultra Low-Power) TinyLogic family, offers up to 50% less power consumption compared to other low-voltage logic families. ULP devices provide significant power reduction through innovative design and process techniques and help meet the portable market demand for extended battery charge duration and life cycle.
  • The ULP-A (Ultra Low-Power) series of TinyLogic is suitable for use in applications that require extreme high speed, high drive, and low power. This product is used in a wide low-voltage operating range (0.9V to 3.6V) and applications that require more drive and speed than the TinyLogic ULP series but still offer lower power consumption.

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