Universal Remote Control Circuit With NE555

Thursday, August 5th, 2021 - Electrical Circuit

Universal Remote Control Circuit With NE555

The circuit NE555 IC global push-button control can be used to manage house electrical appliances using infrared push-button control. Electrical tools that could be controlled using a universal remote control circuit NE555 IC consist of: light, follower, water machine, blower and so forth. The series of universal push-button control is created with the goal to promote the process of switching on or off the devices at the same time to replace the use of standard buttons. Push-button control that could be addressed by this controller circuit is all infrared push-button control with an array of regularities in the array of 25-60 KHz baseding on the infrared receiver is used. As a whole, all remote for the TV, Video Cassette Recorder as well as other infrared distant can be used to control this control component. To develop a collection of push-button control IC NE555 universal is quite easy and quickly made with parts that are easily obtained in the market. Photo circuits and also elements used making a collection of universal push-button control IC NE555 can be seen in the adhering to figure.

Universal Remote Control Circuit With NE555

Universal Remote Circuit With NE555Collection of images over programs that the universal remote control circuit IC NE555 over is very simple. The collection of universal remote control is operated utilizing a DC voltage resource +5 volts to +12 volts to make sure that it could be run with one 9-volt batteries. With the relay interface circuit universal push-button control could control the devices is run with A/C and also DC voltage.

To create a series of global remote IC NE555 from the image above circuit can use PCB design as shown here.

PCB For Universal Remote Control IC NE555 Circuit

PCB For Universal Remote IC NE555 Circuit

In principle, the universal push-button control circuit above is making use of the infrared light from a push-button control as well as is received by the infrared receiver is after that processed by the IC NE555 to create a rhythm as input IC JK Flip-Flop 74 109 embedded in togle conditions. Providing the pulse of the very first push-button control will certainly function to switch on electrical devices and also a 2nd pulse offers to turn off the electrical energy. We really hope that the electronics hobbyist can make conveniently, since the circuit NE555 IC universal remote control is rather simple.

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