Adjustable DC Power Supply

Tuesday, September 7th, 2021 - Electrical Tools

Adjustable DC power supply is a multi-range unit that provides high power to a wide range of load resistances. It was designed primarily as a current bias supply for the several elctronic devices, for use at various impedance levels, over a wide control range. It is particularly useful where large variations in load resistance and power are needed.

Adjustable DC Power Supply

The output is adjustable and is monitored by front-panel voltage and current meters. The output circuit is passive; this permits a large alternating current to flow across the output, without overloading the regulating circuit. This feature is particularly useful when ac and de voltages must be combined to give a composite waveform.

Adjustable DC Power Supply

A front-panel switch selects either voltage or current regulated output. Regulation is obtained by comparison of the output voltage or current with an adjustable reference signal. Any difference between the two signals changes the “firing angles” of the rectifiers to keep the output at the desired level.

The output is available at the red (high) and the gray(low) binding posts on there are panel. The third (metallic) binding post connects directly to the chassis. This can be used as a grounding point for the chassis or for either side of the load.

A circuit breaker, reset by a switch on the front panel, provides overload protection to avoid damage to the instrument caused by short circuits that occur during constant-voltage operation.

Load Voltage And Current Adjustments Of Adjustable DC Power Supply

With the OUTPUT control set at the OUTPUT SHORTED position, select the desired ranges on the VOLTS and AMPS switches. These switches are mechanically interlocked to revent the product of the two range settings.

Slowly increase the setting of the OUTPUT control until the panel meters indicate the desired output. The ranges of the meters and the output level are determined by the settings of the range switches.

The best control resolution and the most accurate meter readings are obtained with the range switches set to the lowest values that will give the required output.

Example Product Of Adjustable DC Power Supply

30V 5A 110V Precision Variable DC Power Supply w Clip Cable Digital AdjustableUNI-T Precision Variable Adjustable DC Power Supply Digital Regulated Lab Grade30V 5A 110V Precision Variable DC Power Supply Digital Adjustable Lab w-clip New30V 5AMP 5A DIGITAL DC POWER SUPPLY PRO PRECISION VARIABLE 110V 220V ADJUSTABLE15V1A Precision Variable DC Power Supply Clip Cable Digital Adjustable Lab Grade30V 3A 3AMP 303D Pro Digital DC Power Supply Precision Variable Adjustable30V 10A 110V Precision Variable DC Power Supply Digital Adjustable Clip CableLAB DIGITAL DC POWER SUPPLY PRECISION VARIABLE ADJUSTABLE 110V CLIP30V 10A Precision Variable DC Power Supply Clip Cable Digital Adjustable LabSwitching DC Power Supply Adjustable Variable precision digital 30V 5A 220V mini0-30VDC 0-3A Switch Mode Bench Power Supply with Digital Display0-15 Volt 0-1Amp Bench Power Supply with 5 Volt USB Output

Example power supply in the picture above is adjustable type. Choose a adjustable DC power supply according to your needs.

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