Low Pass Filter Subwoofer

Friday, September 17th, 2021 - Audio Circuit

Low pass filter subwoofer circuit serves to filter out low-frequency tone to the audio system needs super bass tones or more with the name of the subwoofer. Low pass active filter circuit is also referred to as an active subwoofer crossover. Active subwoofer crossover circuit function is to filter the super bass tones to be strengthened in the power amplifier subwoofer. Basically the working principle of the active filter circuit is skipped subwoofer audio signals with low frequencies and attenuate the audio signal above the cut-off point of the low-frequency bass tones. Subwoofer active filter circuit is made using an operational amplifier (Op-Amp) IC TL062 types arranged in a two-level voltage amplifier and active filter configuration. The active filter circuit has a working frequency of 20-100 Hz with the strengthening of up to 80 dB. To make this subwoofer active filter circuit can be seen in a circuit of pictures and a list of components that are used as follows.

Schematic Circuit Of Low Pass Filter Subwoofer

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Component Lisf Of Low Pass Filter Subwoofer

To assemble low pass filter subwoofer circuit can be used layuot PCB layout and design components that have been available as follows.

  • R1  = 39   Kohm
  • R2  = 39   Kohm
  • R3  = 47   Kohm
  • R4  = 10   Ohm
  • R5  = 22   Kohm
  • R6  = 4,7  Kohm
  • R7  = 22   Kohm
  • R8  = 4,7  Kohm
  • R9  = 10   Ohm
  • R10 = 220  Ohm
  • C1  = 39   pF
  • C2  = 0.1  uF
  • C3  = 0.1  uF
  • C4  = 0.2  uF
  • C5  = 0.4  uF
  • C6  = 0.1  uF
  • C7  = 0.1  uF
  • IC1 = TL064

PCB Circuit Of Low Pass Filter Subwoofer

PCB Circuit Of Low Pass Filter Subwoofer

Subwoofer active filter circuit shown above has a control band width and frequency cut-off filter that can be set from 2 pieces potentiometer in the low pass filter subwoofer circuit.

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