Rain Detector For Car

Monday, July 19th, 2021 - Sensor/Detection Circuit

Rain detector for car in the picture below is a simple circuit that can detect has been raining around the alar. Basically the detector circuit of rain on the car detects the presence of rain through the terminal connection of the sensor by rain water. Rain detector for car is very simple and is built using a main component and a water sensor SCR. Sensor rain water on the detector circuit can be made to the PCB then designed such that the principle of a relationship between two terminals when exposed to water are met. As an indicator when the sensor detects the presence of rain, then this circuit will provide an output signal in the form of a buzzer sound. To make a rain detector for car can be seen schematics and components used in the following figure.

Rain Detector For Car Circuit

Rain Detector For Car Circuit

Components List Of Rain Detector For Car

  • R1 = 1K
  • R2 = 680
  • D1 = 1N4001
  • SCR1 = C106B
  • BZ1 = Buzzer 12 volt
  • S1 = SPST

At the time of making a rain detector for car should be tested first before being installed in cars in the following manner. At the time of the assembly process is completed, and the series has been given a +12 volt DC voltage source to test the circuit is done with water sprinkled on the sensor. In plain view if the water has been on the sensor and looks no path sensors are connected by water, then this circuit will provide an indicator such as a buzzer sound. If there are no buzzer sounds, then the circuit needs to be checked again until it works. Once the test is complete and a good circuit condition (can operate as designed), it can be mounted directly on a car with a voltage source for the rain detector for car is taken from the +12 volt car accumulator.

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