Reversed Polarity Protection With MOSFET

Wednesday, July 14th, 2021 - Protection Circuit

Reversed polarity protection with MOSFET serves to protect the source of installation errors polarity reverse voltage electronic devices. By installing a circuit protection reversed polarity on line source with MOSFET input voltage electronic devices we can prevent the error voltage polarity is reversed.

Function Of Reversed Polarity Protection Circuit With MOSFET

Reversed polarity protection circuit with MOSFET serves to disconnect or not connect the input voltage source to the electronic device when an error occurs polarity of the applied voltage source. The polarity of the voltage source an electronic device prone to rollovers polarity of the applied voltage source. Function reverse voltage polarity protection circuit with mosfet this is to prevent the condition. The protectors polarity of this voltage utilizing the P-Chanel MOSFET drain and source. The circuit is built on three main components, namely MOOSFET Q1, zener diodes ZD1 and R100K at the gate of Q1.

Schematic Diagram Of Reversed Polarity Protection With MOSFET

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In contrast to the concept of overvoltage protection diode 1 piece will withstand the current in case of reverse polarity of the voltage source. By using a surge protection with a reverse polarity voltage MOSFET, the current sources, then track the voltage source to be an open circuit or disconnected so safe for devices in supply and power supply. In addition to using MOSFET as the device voltage source protection system protectors reversed polarity With MOSFETs, also using a fuse or fuses to avoid the occurrence of excessive current or overload on an electronic device being controlled. Besides the fuse serves to secure the MOSFET in order not to overload, so it is not damaged when the device of reversed polarity protection circuit with MOSFET used.

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