Servo Motor Driver IC MC33030

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021 - Motor Circuit

Servo motor driver circuit in the picture below is made by MC33030 IC. This servo motor driver circuit serves to control the servo motor with a DC voltage source and working methods or close loop system for controlling the servo motor. MC33030 IC is an IC chip specifically for servo motor driver with the following features.

  • The maximum current load capacity (servo motors) 1 ampere
  • Reference voltage inputs can be programmed
  • Over current shutdown
  • Over Voltage shutdown
  • Working with a close loop system

The Circuit Of Servo Motor Driver IC MC33030

Servo Motor Driver IC MC33030

To create a servo motor driver circuit with MC33030 IC can be seen drawings or schematics servo motor driver IC MC33030 in the following figure.

Components List of Servo Motor Driver IC MC33030 Circuit

  • C1,C2,C5,C7 = 0.1uF
  • C3 = 22nF
  • C4 = 10nF
  • C6 = 10uF/50V
  • D1 = LED
  • R1,R2,R3,R4 = 4.7K
  • R5 = 15K
  • R6 = 330
  • U1 = MC33030

In the picture with a servo motor driver circuit over the MC33030 IC has 2 pieces of position control and feedback control. F POT serves to regulate or control the system feedback or closed loop feedback system servo motor driver. While the R POT is used to adjust the position of a servo motor movement.

Working voltage servo motor driver circuit using MC33030 IC is 12 volts working voltage in accordance with a servo motor is used. The maximum current that can be controlled using a servo motor driver circuit MC33030 IC is 1 ampere maximum. Therefore, it should not be used to control a servo motor with a current consumption of more than 1A, because it can damage the MC33030 IC is used in the servo motor driver circuit.

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