Simple Lie Detector Circuit

Tuesday, September 14th, 2021 - Sensor/Detection Circuit

Lie detector circuit or better known as the lie detector is an electronic circuit that serves to identify a person during questioning, whether he is lying or not. There are two types of methods used to identify a person lies when interrogated, namely by monitoring heart rate and skin resistance monitor. The series of lie detector in the picture below is a series of lie detector to measure the skin resistance method that will be affected by the blood circulation in the skin. Lie detector circuit or the lie detector in this article is very simple and it can work, although not as accurate as with the tools lie detector owned professional investigator. To make this simple lie detector circuit may be a simple lie detector circuit and a list of components that are used as follows.

Simple Lie Detector Circuit

Simple Lie Detector Circuit

Components List Of Simple Lie Detector Circuit

  • R1 = 33K
  • R2 = Potensiometer 5K
  • R3 = 1.5K
  • C1 = 1uF/16V
  • Q1 = 2N3565
  • M1 = Meter analog 0-1 mA

A simple lie detector circuit in the picture above is very simple and built with only one active component of type 2N3565 transistor Q1. The lie detector circuit is supplied with a symmetrical voltage source ± 4.5 volts DC of 6 pieces of 1.5 volt battery. In the above, there lie detector circuit potentiometer R1 that serves to calibrate that meter needle pointing position 0. The lie detector circuit will show the deviation needle on the meter when in use. The meter deviation shown is the resistance of human skin that is affected by the flow of blood pulsing to the beat of the heart rate. At the time people did not lie then a deviation meter needle will be stable and continuous appropriate heart rate is stable, and when someone is lying then the deviation meter needle will deviate strong and unstable due to the deviation of the heart rate too unstable.

To operate a simple lie detector circuit this can be done by connecting a second probe to the right hand and left hand fingers. Then give a voltage source to the circuit and observe the meter needle deflection at the time of interrogation. Probe terminal can use the terminal model of alligators to be easy to use a simple lie detector circuit.

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