Simple Speaker Protector Circuit

Sunday, July 18th, 2021 - Protection Circuit

Simple speaker protector circuit, serves to provide interconnect delay between the output power amplifier to a loudspeaker. The function of providing the time delay by ‘speaker circuit protector’ is to avoid thumping sound of the loud speaker due to the output voltage spikes on the power amplifier when first turned on. Speaker protector circuit in the figure below is a simple speaker protector circuit and easy to manufacture. Simple speaker circuit protector and components used to make it can be seen directly in the series of images below.

Simple Speaker Protector Circuit

Simple Speaker Protector Circuit

Working Principle Of Simple Speaker Protector Circuit

The simple speaker circuit protector above simple built in several sections as follows.

Power supply voltage protection section, this section serves to prevent rollovers giving the voltage supply to the simple speaker protector circuit above. This section consists of a 1N400 diode D1 and a filter capacitor C1 100uF.

Part timer, this section serves to determine the length of time delay. Speaker protector circuit above will provide a delay of interconnection between the power amplifier with a loud speaker for 5 seconds. Part timer (delay) is built from the configuration C2 R1 33 Kohm and 100 uF. The time delay (delay) on the simple speaker circuit protector is determined by the length of the process of charging the capacitor C2.

Contactor section, this section serves to connect the power amplifier output paths into loudspeakers. This section was built using BC547 transistor Q1 and a 12 volt relay and a diode D2 1N4148 as a snubber.

In principle the simple speaker protector circuit above simple function is to provide a time delay the process of switching the output path power amplifier to the loudspeaker, To avoid thumping loudspeaker output voltage spikes due to the power amplifier when first turned on.

Simple speaker protector circuit above just use a BC547 transistor Q1 and a 12 volt relays and work with source voltage of 12 volts DC.

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