Simply Crystal Tester Circuit for Beginer

Friday, June 18th, 2021 - Electrical Tools, Tester Circuit

Simply Crystal Tester Circuit for Beginer” or typically called crystal tester is used to identify the problem of great or bad crystal. Both in terms of the conditions could still work as a crystal resonator. Condition conditions excel or bad crystal checked utilizing a circuit tester crystal state is stood for with LED flash and sound buzer. The circuit tester crystal condition can be used to figure out the problem of the crystal with a frequency variety of 32 KHz to 24 MHz. The circuit tester is built with a crystal problem 74HC4060 IC and also IC 4060 which has the same function with various characteristics or capacities. IC 74HC4060 is used to carry out testing crystal with functioning regularity as much as 1 MHz and IC 4060 is made use of for screening crystal with functioning regularity below 1 MHz. Made use of different IC is meant to obtain a success price a lot better crystal test. To create or construct your own “Crystal Tester Circuit” could be seen schematics and components made use of in the following number.

Schematic Of Crystal Tester

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List Components Crystal Tester Circuit

  • R1,R7 = 1 M
  • R2,R3 = 5,6 K
  • R4 = 220 K
  • R5 = 1 K
  • R6 = 220
  • C1,C2 = 220 pF
  • C3,C4 = 10 F/25V
  • C5 = 100 nF
  • C6,C7 = 33 pF
  • D1 = LED
  • D2 = 1N4148
  • T1 = BC547C
  • IO1 = 4060
  • IO2 = 74HC4060
  • IO3 = 78L05
  • S1 = Push Button
  • S2 = SPDT

To make or put together “x-tal tester circuit” aware over can utilize PCB layout and layout of the elements are currently available as well as could be seen in the image below.

PCB Layout For Crystal Tester Circuit

PCB Layout For Tester Crystal Conditions Circuit

Part Layout Crystal Tester Circuit

Part Layout Tester Crystal Condition Circuit

The crystal tester circuit in the photo above can be operated with a +9 volt DC resource voltage of a battery. In the circuit tester there are 2 pieces of crystal on the button that works as adheres to. S1 offers to transform the crystal’s circuit tester, S1 is a push button switch and can be pushed (then) after a crystal that is attached to the outlet tested. S2 serves to select the working setup of the circuit, there are 2 alternatives with the S2 is the choice to test crystal with functioning regularity less compared to 1 MHz as well as a crystal with a frequency of over 1 MHz. S2’s location need to be established initially prior to S1 is pushed to turn the crystal tester circuit.

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